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Mobile Network Performance Assessment

The Mobile Network Performance Assessment provides you with visibility into how well your cellular network and mobile devices are performing, using actual data from your devices.

Based on the results of the assessment, you will have the knowledge required to make smarter business decisions with regards to your mobile investment. The assessment and final consultation will help you understand and potentially troubleshoot specific devices which may be experiencing issues and highlight the blind spots in your coverage area. It provides insights into how to optimize and better manage your mobile deployment which will help save money and avoid future problems.

Operational Intelligence at Your Fingertips

This service gives you access to a NetMotion Wireless Mobile Solutions Group (MSG) Engineer and the NetMotion Diagnostics Cloud™ software. Diagnostics captures and aggregates data from several of your mobile devices over a 30-day timeframe as you mobile workforce perform their jobs. As the end of the data-capture period, the NetMotion engineer will analyze the information and set up an appointment with you to review it. 

Key benefits:

  • Gain a real understanding of measured cellular data coverage and device performance in your environment. 
  • Identify any trouble spots or incidents that may occur during the period of assessment. 
  • Understand your technology coverage (3G, 4G) in the locations most important to your workforce. 
  • Learn where and what devices are not performing their expected and promised levels. 
  • Understand and review dropped connections during the assessment period and note any trends. 
  • Review information about the cellular devices, including usage patterns and firmware. 

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